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Q. What message can you give that will encourage and inspire others?

Q. You participated in the séance of Harry Houdini... tell us about that. Tell us about some other paranormal activities you have experienced.

Review by Joseph Ryan, Former Commissioner at City of Buffalo 

  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

  "Nancy incorporates the spiritual realm in her writing without overwhelming the reader with doctrinaire criticism. She has a way of clearly making her point without making the reader feel argumentative. Rather, she induces a thoughtfulness that this reader through her opinion or idea as an alternative or adjunct to their own opinion.

Simply, she creates a need and/or desire to think about her writing."

National Association of Professional Women 

Nancy Lee Canfield recognized as Women of the Year 2010/2011

Nancy Lee Canfield has demonstrated excellence & dedication within their profession and has been formally included to membership.

Cambridge Who's Who 

Nancy Lee Canfield recognized for Excellence in Parapsychology

Nancy Lee Canfield, Author, Motivational Speaker, Founder and Executive Director of Psychical Research Awareness, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for leadership excellence in parapsychology.


*American Society of Psychical Research

*Association of Research and Enlightenment

*Cambridge Who's Who

*International Women's Leadership Association

*National Association of Women Writers

*Psychical Research Awareness Association (Director)

*Women Interested In Cystic Health-Buffalo Chapter


Tonawanda, N.Y.        Parent Teachers Association Tonawanda, N.Y. Boy Scouts of America (Pack Leader)

Buffalo, N.Y.              Project Blind Awareness (Volunteer Instructor)

Buffalo, N.Y.              Council of Churches (WKBW Radio, on-air news)

S.U.N.Y. Buffalo         World Hunger Interest (Participated in start-up)

Lancaster, N.Y.          Board of Directors (Townhouse Community)

Buffalo/Lackawanna   Assisted in criminal investigations...

                                Investigated claims of the paranormal...

                                Public Speaking at non-profit organizations

SUPPORTER OF:                              PROFESSIONAL SERVICES:

Police Benevolent Association             Motivational Speaker

Disabled American Veterans               Meditation Instructor

American Cancer Society                    Seminar Leader

Women Interested In Cystic Health

Girls' Town & Boys' Town of Italy

MY GOAL: Is to leave your heart smiling and your mind enlightened. Making a difference in people's lives has always been my goal. My memoir, A Rose for My Mother, gives me the opportunity to touch people through my painful experiences, my insights and my passion.


After many years studying psychic phenomena, Nancy became an expert in the field of parapsychology. Her formal education in the world of the unexplained includes a degree from the University of Metaphysics, Los Angeles, California and accredited university courses at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Other studies include seminars, workshops, and lectures at various locations throughout the United States and Canada with such notables as Carol Ann Liaros, William Roll, Ph.D., Helen Waumbaugh, Ph.D. and Gina Cerminera, Ph.D.  


Participating as both subject and researcher, Nancy has investigated altered states of consciousness and psychic phenomena which included field work and consultations in the study of hypnotic regression with Clarence Dye, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo. She also collaborated in other areas of research with Paul Kurtz of the Committee to Scientifically Investigate Claims of the Paranormal. 

     Nancy has also been a teacher in the development of higher sensory perception, a meditation instructor and private consultant, whose main desire has always been to render information that is both informative and beneficial. On numerous occasions, she has been asked to assist in te investigations of criminal cases and in locating missing persons. She is an accomplished speaker and has lectured on the use and abuse of HSP and ESP at educational and community organizations. 

     As founder and director of Psychical Research Awareness Assoc., Nancy has visited many places in New York State that were claimed to be haunted, such as the Opera House in Lancaster, Fort Niagara in Lewiston and Big Moose Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, which is the murder site of Grace Brown, written about in An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser (1925).

      At the invitation of Allen Spraggett, world-renowned psychic investigator, and among such notables as Walter B. Gibson, Sidney Radner Milbourne Christopher, Nancy participated in the seance at the Harry Houdini Museum in Niagara Falls which was filmed by Insight Productions Ltd. of Toronto, Canada. 

     Nancy has been the topic of newspaper articles and news radio which includes WEBR Radio where Mark Hamrick stated, "I am not from Western New York and no one within 300 miles knows the names that Nancy was able to psychically perceive. It appears she has, if nothing else, certainly astounded me, a typical skeptic."

     Mike Randall from WKBW-TV dubbed Nancy a "Ghost Buster" when a spirit voice was recorded on the video-film the cameraman used during the filming of a haunted house that she had investigated. Nancy has felt the presence of both good and evil spirits. She knows that we are never truly alone.

     Nancy has faced many of life's challenges such as Buffalo's Blizzard in 1977 and Florida's Hurricane Charlie in 2004. She has also been trapped in her car during a flash flood. When Nancy is not rescuing herself, she is helping others with their life's challenges. She and her husband, Allan L. Canfield, Ph.D. enjoy the wonders of nature at their mountain camp during the summer and the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico during the winter - proving that hopes and wishes can come true.   


"Nancy is honest, sincere and is quite talented in areas of speaking, teaching counseling."

REV. B. ANNE GEHMAN, Springfield, Virginia

"I am not from Western New York and no one within 300 miles knows the names that Nancy was able to psychically perceive. It appears she has, if nothing else, certainly astounded me, a typical skeptic."


"I found the papers! You said that I would find them before the 14th and I found them on the 12th, just as you said I would. John Otto's radio program did not do you justice."

F.M., Niagara Falls, New York


Nancy's Media Appearances Include: 


CABLE 5 TV       Amherst, New York (ESP and YOU)

WKBW TV          Buffalo, New York (A Buffalo)

WKBW TV          Buffalo, New York (Open Rap)

CW 23 TV          Buffalo, New York (Winging It/Buffalo Style) 


WKBW 1520 AM    Buffalo, New York (Panorama)

WKBW 1520 AM    Buffalo, New York (Council of Churches)

WQLN FM             Fairview, Pennsylvania (Jim Van Dongen Show)

WLVU FM             Erie, Pennsylvania (Tim Charpie Show)

WHLD 1270 AM    Niagara Falls, New York (Inney Wallens Show)

WZIR PLUS FM     Grand Island, New York (George Prentice Show)

WUWU FM            Buffalo, New York (Town Crier Show)

WGR 55 AM          Buffalo, New York (John Otto Show)

WEBR AM             Buffalo, New York (Mark Hamrick)

WJYE FM              Buffalo, New York (Spotlight on Progress)

WECK AM             Buffalo, NewYork (Tom Donahue Show)

WNED 970 AM      Buffalo, New York (Jay Moran"Morning Edition")


Susan Murphy-Milano

Cherokee Billie


Buffalo Courier Express, N.Y.

Buffalo News, N.Y.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, N.Y.

Metro Community News, N.Y.

Clarence Bee, N.Y.

Joplin Independent, KS.

Charlotte Sun, FLA.

Adirondack Express, N.Y.

The Weekly Adirondack

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