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Unsolicited Comment:

"I had the opportunity to connect with Nancy Lee, although not in person, we interchanged communications since we are both published authors. At the time, I read her book, A Rose for My Mother, and I was impressed by two things; the degree of detail which she recalled from her early life and childhood, and the spiritual sense of redemption as she found her way through a very challenging period. I have not attended her lectures, but I have no doubt that if her book is a reflection of her ability to speak, that her lectures will be informative and ." - Real Laplaine, Author 

WKBW - TV Buffalo, NY "AM Buffalo"

CW23-TV, Buffalo "Winging It Buffalo Style"


(Interview by Bob Savage begins 8 minutes into the show)

The National Association of

Professional Women


Nancy Lee Canfield



"The recipient has demonstrated excellence

& dedication within their profession and has been formally included to membership."

Nancy's speaking topics give practical, and spiritually uplifting information.

MY GOAL: Is to leave your heart smiling and your mind enlightened. Making a difference in people's lives has always been my goal. My memoir, A Rose for My Mother, gives me the opportunity to touch people through my painful experiences, my insights and my passion.

Brian Higgins (U.S, Congress) and

Mark Polancarz (Erie County Executive)

stopped by my book signing at Dog Ears Book Store 12/4/2011


1)Hopes and Wishes Can Come True

Nancy brings to life the vignettes she profiles in her book, A Rose for My Mother, giving details of her confusing emotions and self-discoveries while growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. The story of hardship and heartbreak is punctuated by tears and laughter. The poignant anecdotes are full of incredible strengths and amazing willpower. There joy, tears laughter in the wisdom, insight empathy gleaned from these incredible tales, giving the message that hopes and wishes can come true. 

{EXCERPT FROM THE SPEECH: The future holds many mysterious and unanswered questions; what is too become of us and will we ever overcome our dire circumstances? Will the almighty God in His graciousness and mercy rescue us from our trying times?

We must believe in and we must believe in the power of the higher forces that will bring about the goodness and well-being that we deserve. God wants us to know and to believe that He is sending us blessings of peace, love, faith, joy and good health today and all the days of our life - hopes and wishes can come true!"}

2) All The Power Is Within You

Nancy shares insight and advice on how to harness the unlimited powers of our minds and imaginations in order to overcome the troubles, fears complexities in our lives. She reminds us that "Happiness is a Choice" and can be achieved by (1) positive thinking (2) developing good friendships (3) refining personal relationships and using time wisely. It is with our own mental power that our desires, strengths success, are attracted to us. Her message is that all the power is within you.

{EXCERPT FROM MY SPEECH: Lift yourself up and never put yourself down. Don't beat yourself up with negative talk. Work at changing what you don't like about yourself. If that is not possible then learn to love and accept yourself the way you are... God does!.

Give yourself some incentive and positive rewards when you accomplish something that you are most proud of, it doesn't matter how big or how small the reward. Don't wait for others to praise you You know you did a good thing!

Forgive yourself when you make any type of mistake. Then, figure out what lesson you can learn from the mistake, and use that lesson to make better choices. All mistakes are just lessons!

Enjoy each and every one of your successes. Remember, all the victorious triumphs and accomplishments that you’ve made along your journey and think about them often. Be the Beautiful Spirit that is within you. Now is the time!"}

3) We Are Never Truly Alone

Angels, helpers, spirit Guides-whatever we may wish to call them doesn't matter. What matters is that we know they are there to comfort and to help us. Nancy tells of her experience with an angel during a time of great distress. As a participant in the seance of Harry Houdini, Nancy reveals the messages that she received. Also, as "A Ghost Buster," she tells some very interesting and sometimes frightening stories about her investigations of haunted houses, cautioning us not to experiment with what we do not understand. Her message is that we are never truly alone.

{EXCERPT MY FROM SPEECH: Many times in life, we wonder if we are alone; we wonder if anyone knows how we might be feeling. We feel isolated. We keep our feelings stuffed down deep. We often suffer our struggles, our frustrations or our fears in silence. At other times, we may cry out in the quietness of our own solitude, where we think no one can hear us. We need to know that although it may feel like we are traveling a lonely road - we are never truly alone!

God and His protecting, healing and comforting Angels understand what is happening to us. God and His Angels about us. We need to know that God is there to listen, to send His Angels to comfort and advise - we are never truly alone!

We were never meant to be alone, nor have we ever been! We only have to reach out our hearts in prayer and be willing to accept the protection, healing comfort that God will send to us. He will walk with us and speak truth into our life. He will hold our hand in our darkest hour, He will support us in our loneliest times. God gives us the gift of Love and wants us to know - we are never truly alone!"}

      Nancy's Speaking Engagements Have Included: 

The Greater Buffalo Ostomy Group at Millard Fillmore Hospital

The Newfane Nursing Home, Newfane, New York

Young Women's Christian Associations (YWCA)

Women Interested In Cystic Health, Buffalo Chapter (WIICH)

Buffalo State Teachers College

West Seneca High School - Adult Education

Variety Club of Buffalo


"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at Transit Valley Country Club. Your warmth and charm your audience as you speak and such a positive subject to speak about."

A.D. Williamsville, New York

"I attended your lecture at the Ramada Inn, in Rochester, New York. May I say that I enjoyed your talk and liked your line of holistic thinking. You seem to be well studied, scientific in your attitude and caring."

L.M., Rome, New York

"I really appreciate your help in making the children's learning experience a valuable and interesting one."


"Thank you for enriching my life! My mother's health began to improve at approximately 9:30 p.m., Monday night. Our healing circle was at this time. So, there is only one explanation."

M.D., NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, Niagara Falls, New York

"The classes we have completed were so very interesting; the hours seemed so short. I guess it's always that way when the teacher is excellent and the subject holds interest."

J.O., Cheektowaga, New York


Speaking & Book Signing Events:


July 27           Old Forge, N.Y.

Aug. 15           Inlet, N.Y.

Oct. 10           Adirondack Reader, Old Forge, N.Y.

Nov. 10          Transit Valley C.C., Amherst, N.Y.

Dec. 5           Russel's Steaks Chops & More, Wlmsv. N.Y.


Feb. 17            Punta Gorda, Fla.

Feb. 18            Port Charlotte, Fla

March 26          Deep Creek, Fla.

July 26             Old Forge, NY

October 18       *WECK-RADIO, N.Y.

October 19       *CW23-TV, N.Y.

October 23       Caz Casino, N.Y.

October 25       Salvatore's N.Y.

October 29       BARNES & NOBLE, N.Y.

November 19    Talking Leaves N.Y.

November 25    *WNED-RADIO, N.Y.

November 30    Cazenovia Library, N.Y.

December 4     Dog Ears Book Store, N.Y.

December 23    BARNES & NOBLE, N. Y. 


February 18      Englewood, Florida

March                Port Charlotte, Florida

August 8           *WYSL -RADIO, N.Y.

August 16         Barne & Noble, N.Y.

August 18         Taste of Buffalo, N.Y.

September 23 A books featured in the Author Solutions Book Gallery in Toronto, Canada - which is expected to attract 215,000 attendees.     


August               My Garden of Healing, Newfane, N.Y.


September         Variety Club of Buffalo, West Seneca, N.Y.


January               Sun Moon Psychic Expo, Orchard Park, N.Y.

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