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A Rose For My Mother


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Five Star ratings from Barnes & readers

Five Star ratings from readers

     "The author's tell-it-like-it-was memoir is moving because of its lack of sentimentality; she neither demonizes nor idealizes her parents and depicts the people in her life so vividly that at times its easy to forget that this startling tale is nonfiction...An inspirational, unsentimental tale of overcoming the odds." ~

*Kirkus Review


     "Out of a broken home, it can be hard to come to terms with one's upbringing. 'A Rose for My Mother' is a metaphysical memoir from Nancy Lee Canfield as she states how parapsychology led her to come to understand her mother and her own turbulent life that didn't exactly go as planned. 'A Rose for My Mother' is a strong choice for metaphysical readers looking for how parapsychology has changed lives." ~

Paul T. Vogel, *Midwest Book Review

      "The writing style is very open and descriptive, Canfield makes appropriate use of dialogue, movement and setting to help the reader visualize an evolving and changing, if hurting and searching, person...She is not a bad role model to follow in the new year." ~

Jack L. Kennedy, Joplin Independent Book Review

     "Some of the world‟s greatest works of creativity come from pain. As just one example, the authors refer specifically to a woman who not only experienced such a life, but who turned her pain into healing for herself and for those around her: Nancy Lee Canfield in her book A Rose for My Mother. Her book is inspirational, triumphant and courageous." ~

Page 127 of Illusion: Redefined By Author Leinad Nehoc, Ph.D.

      "Learning only occurs in response to challenges, and Nancy has written an absorbing account of how, in her case, overcoming incredible challenges has led to the emergence of a higher intelligence. It is not only a tale of triumph over adversity, but of the certainty of rescue from hopelessness."~

Edward Green, Ph.D. Emeritus, Guerry Professor of Psychology

     "Against the backdrop of her family's heartbreaking difficulties during the Great Depression, this story begins with a little girl who tries valiantly to understand the meaning of grown-ups' rather confusing words and silences. Her intuitive successes told the adults that she managed well and was self-confident, but left her feeling isolated and unloved. Does everyone have higher sensory perception? Nancy shows us that with focused work and discipline, we can nurture that infant part of us so that it can help us enjoy life to the fullest." ~

Joan Ashkin, Ed.D., C.S.W., R.N.

                                          *Editor's Choice Award

                                          *Reader's Choice Recognition 

  "An Intriguing Blend of Memoir and Parapsychology: A Women's incredible true story of childhood neglect and her power to triumph in a life riddled with obstacles and paranormal experiences. In this troubled economy, author Nancy Lee Canfield's memoir, A Rose for My Mother, proves to readers that hopes and wishes can come true. She shares her true store of family hardships and how she found the inner strength to triumph over adversity to motivate and give an inspirational message to the many others who are hurting or may be down on their luck." ~ *iUniverse

     "Throughout the pages of A Rose for My Mother, author Nancy Lee Canfield shares her stirring true life story of ultimate triumph. Beginning with the difficulties of her early childhood, Nancy was forced to learn how to adapt to ever-changing situations and environment as she struggled to secure her own place in a thoroughly confusing world. On top of all else, her tenuous grip on "reality" was eventually challenged by the para psychological gifts buried deep within her. A touching memoir, A Rose for My Mother is an engaging, uplifting read. An encouraging reminder that the greatest blessings always await those who refuse to give up on the path of claiming them." ~

Karynda Lewis, Official Apex Review

     "A Rose for My Mother, by Nancy Lee Canfield is an inspirational memoir of one woman's journey from an impoverished, broken family to becoming a successful woman with heightened sensory perception. Nancy is skilled at telling each of her memories with great detail. allowing readers to fully imagine her surroundings and sensations from when she was a little girl to several years into her adulthood. For skeptics, this memoir will lead you closer to believing that spirits live among us." ~

Heather Watt, Buffalo Literature Examiner

     "I cannot begin to describe how much I really enjoyed A Rose for My Mother. Anyone who enjoys Dickens will love this autobiography (and I'm not an autobiography fan). A Rose for My Mother, by Nancy Lee Canfield is a truly inspiration piece, not just for women either." ~

Tabatha Holmes, The Readig Can

     "This book is more than a woman's experience with the paranormal. This book is about a woman's survival. There are parts of the memoir that are heart wrenching. Literally. Sometimes it was very hard to read. But if Nancy Lee Canfield can live through her experiences, I should be able to read about them. She lays her story all on the table for us, the good, the bad and the ugly." ~

M. Turner, To Read or Not to Read

     "I really enjoyed A Rose for My Mother, by Nancy Lee Canfield.

First, was her style of writing. To the point, without a lot of fluff - or over use of words. Period. Second, was the story itself. Even though most of the events of this book took place in the early half of the last century, it's something we can a relate to - and should do our best to remember it. In today's world we forget so easily how hard times were not so long ago. I was drawn in by the stories of her life, because again, the story is so well written." ~

Nanci Aroizu, Page Readers

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BUFFALO & ERIECOUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARIES direct link to 'A Rose for My Mother'

(If it's not on the shelf, ask the librarian to order/purchase more copies.)


ISBN: 978-1-4502-3123-7 ($21.95)

A Rose for My Mother will be among the books featured in the Author Solutions Book Gallery in Toronto, Canada on September 23, 2012 which is expected to attract 215,000 attendees.

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