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Look who's reading "A Rose for My Mother"

* N.Y. State Assemblyman, Michael P. Kearns 

Others reading "A Rose for My Mother include:

*Mary Ann Moriarity, Chief of Staff -

Office of Legislature Chair Lynn M. Marinelli

*Shirley Maclaine, Actress, Writer, Producer

*Cheryl Dubuque, Writer, Producer

*Peter Thomas Senese, Author & Film Maker

*Stephen Valentino, Sr. Exec. Producer of Continuum Pictures 



A Rose for My Mother is an ebook at $3.99


A Rose for My Mother is available on Nook for $3.51


(If it's not on the self, ask the librarian to order/purchase more copies.)


ISBN: 978-1-4502-3123-7 ($21.95)

              EXCERPTS FROM "A Rose for My Mother" 


  "Where are you going, Mama? Don't go Mama! Why aren't you staying with us?" I ran to the car, pulled at the handle, trying to open it to stop my mother and Tommy from leaving, but the door wouldn't open. "Mama, Mama, take me too! I want to go too!"

  "No, I can only take Tommy."

"Come back, Mama! Come back, Tommy!" I cried as the car pulled out of the driveway. Why did my mother take my brother Tommy with her? Why didn't she take Bobby, Carol Jean or me wherever she was going? What would I do without Tommy, my big brother, my hero? I was broken-hearted and broke into wailing sobs, letting the hot tears roll down my cheeks. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. A firm hand on my shoulder brought me out of my shock of being abandoned by my mother and back to the moment. My father was standing behind me. He came outside, but not in time to see my mother and Tommy ride away with Grandpa Meyer...( pg. 35)


  One very sad day toward the end of summer, I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I stood by the sink, staring into the mirror, as the hot tears ran down my cheeks. I opened the medicine cabinet, took out a razor blade from the little gray box and unwrapped it from the tissue paper. Slowly, I pulled the blade across my wrist, feeling a hot sting. Then I did it again. I wanted to feel the pain. I watched the blood drip into the bathroom sink. I wanted to make the pain in my heart go into my wrist. It didn't do any good to cut myself. My heart still ached for Zack. I bandaged my wrist and went to my bedroom to lie down. Where was my guardian angel now?...(pg. 154)


  At one of the nightclubs that I met Harry James, the famous trumpet player who had been married to Betty Grable. She was the original pin-up girl. With a request that sounded more like an order, Joe asked Harry James to play the song “Crazy Rhythm.” He did and Joe and I danced to the swing music. After the dance, Harry James smiled at me as I left the dance floor. Carmine, the husband of the other couple we were with, said, "Nancy, stand next to Harry James, and I’ll take your picture.” Harry James kindly agreed to the photo. (pg. 223) 


  Breathing the air in the basement was like breathing terror itself, but I wouldn't allow myself to panic. I remembered what my father once told me; "You're only afraid if you think you're afraid." I reached for the gold cross on the chain that I wore around my neck. It was the cross that I bought in the Vatican gift shop, blessed by the Pope. I always wore it--it made me feel safe. As Brenda headed up the stairs a blue, glowing, iridescent orb began to form in the far corner of the basement. The orb just hung in the air. I thought I could keep it from moving toward me as long as I kept my eyes on it. Soon it became a battle of good against evil. The bulb that dangled from the center of the basement went out. I was in total darkness. I tried to remain calm while I kept my eyes on the blue orb that seemed to be growing brighter. A strange feeling at the nape of my neck gave me goose bumps. ( pg. 235)


  I told myself that I was strong and didn't need a man. I told myself that I was independent and my own woman. The separation and divorce wasn't easy; it was a hard, emotionally draining process. I often stayed awake at night feeling hungry, but it wasn't hunger for food. It was hunger for love, both physical and emotional. I wanted a warm body and a warm heart to lie next to me in bed. someone I could love and give myself to. I longed for love. I wanted to experience sex as meaning something. I wanted to experience it as an act of love. I was forty-three and he was fifty-five years old when our eyes first met. It was a Saturday in July, at a hotel in Toronto, Canada. We were just two of the many people enjoying the late afternoon sun as we reclined in a poolside chaise. I was in a black bikini that I bought when I vacationed on Catalina Island one summer. He was wearing Speedo swim trunks. In the air was the scent of masculinity, a magnetism that drew my attention toward him. (pg. 247) 


    By Real J. Laplaine,

    (Author of The Buffalo Kid)

   "Nancy doesn't hold back on the emotional and traumatic details of her life, and just when it seems as if the pain is going to continue, she steps off that road and starts a new one, and keeps her life focused on what she wants to accomplish. In the end, she is a walking success story. Nancy also introduces the reader to her "other" life of paranormal perception. She fits this into the story-line with no grandiose build-up, just says it like it happened, and leaves it up to the reader to decide for themselves about the veracity of her perceptions. Quite in fact, she makes it seem so normal that it eases the subject out of the paranormal and more towards reality. A good read."


By VerLen Sheehan - (Seattle, WA.)

  "This is a book that you will read at a fast pace because you will want to know what happens next. It is a story that reflects how sad and lonely the lives of parents and children can be when separated by unpredictable circumstances. Nancy was a child who survived not only that, but the confusion of early paranormal realizations without the help of an understanding adult. But survive she did. She had a father who was always on her side, and who tried to be there when she needed him. She had a mother who was overwhelmed by a life that threw her too many curves. When life closed in too far on Nancy, she disappeared within herself, blocking out those around her until love found her again. Buy this book and see how faith was the answer all along. Read A Rose for My Mother.....Worthy of 5 stars."


By Tresa - (Buffalo, New York)

"I started reading A Rose for My Mother and couldn't put it down. Very interesting memoir and yet very easy to read. Living in the Buffalo area, I enjoyed reading about an area familiar to me. I do recommend this book highly, not to just Buffalonians, but to anyone who enjoys biographies or has an interest in ESP experiences."

                                  READERS REVIEW                                 

                      By Donna Klepper (Batesville, Arkansas)

"This is such an eye opener and touching book. I can relate to so many feelings in this book. It is an awesome read and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ALL !"


   I Went through some trying times in my life and I realized that my story may help others believe in themselves and that HOPES AND WISHES CAN COME TRUE. My story gives a message to the young adults of today that their struggles are not unique to them - their parents and grandparents may know what they are going through because they may have gone through it themselves. This is a very emotional story that tells how I found the inner strength to deal with the obstacles, frustrations and disappointments that occurred in my life, giving the message that WE ARE NEVER TRULY ALONE!

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